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H*ll in a handbasket


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My sister called in tears and said "but Dad's OK" ....... The three of us had a "pow wow", sadly/gladly her 18yr old daughter is too afraid to stay at the house with my Dad. She's moving to her Dad's ... for now.

#1 - I sympasize with her and I'm glad my niece is getting out...it's hard not knowing what she'll find on the other side of the door. But my oldest sister and I know our niece is embarrassed and stressed over her mothers drinking. She's started to drink alot more in the past year since Dad's moved in. We don't doubt that part of this decision to move to her Dad's includes her Mom's drinking etc. I've appealed to her by letter to tell her Mom this since I think the drinking is a hobby that she can turn back. But that time is now and any longer it maybe a habit ... and hard to break. Our parents were alcoholics, and this one isn't in the habit of reading all signs on the road.

I can't do this if she's going to be drunk ....... I can't be the one to tell her since I'm the "smarty pants" sister and just telling her what she's done wrong AGAIN.

#2 - I called the cancer center not knowing if these new symptoms are a problem or not. Turns out that they are a possible indicator that the cancer is active again. Not neccessarily in the brian, but effecting the motor, speach and memory .... maybe due to lack of oxygen. We have to talk to him and ask him to agree to an assessment to see if he needs any supports. We have to do this because it's usually done by phone ... he's deaf ... so we have to explain what the assessment could give him and if he agrees he needs to call in his consent.

#3 - I called the phsyciatric doctor to for warn her of any these huge changes and possible phsycological changes. Not only are they important to the cancer and it's effect and growth ... but if Manic rears it's ugly head. Hopefully she will take the warning and my request to increase his phsyciatric schedule as a support and preventative measure.

Any ideas of how to explain the "assessment" and it's purpose to a man who is a typical "mans MAN"?

I'm tackeling the sauced up sister first for now..... I can only do one thing at a time and I've made those calls ......... now to sit and wait to see what everyone does ....... the part that I REALLY hate.

I'm more of a do'er .... not much of a wait'er .... and to wait for someone else to get the job done .. WOW .... I'm soooo not good at that!

It's going to be alot of arguements and stress .... I have the migrain med's bought and waiting!


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Sending prayers, Hugs and the BIGGEST warmest blanket around for comfort. WishI could help more on this but sending prayers helps, I hope!!

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