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Darrell updated Sat 11/11


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Hi All,

I just called to check on our friend Darrell as he has been quiet lately, which is unlike him.

He is in the hospital, battling pneumonia in his right lung. The chemo has been stopped for now to allow him to get back on his feet again and build up some strength.

He sends his best to all and thanks everyone who has inquired about him. He hopes to be discharged tomorrow and continue to recuperate at home.

It amazes me, that positive attitude and upbeat style of his just remains intact no matter what!

Best to all,


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Hi All

I spoke with Darrell this afternoon again. He sends this thanks for all the prayers and kind words to you all.

Originally he had hoped to be discharged today and able to continue to recover at home. However, the latest news is that there is a question about whether he has pneumonia. The doctor is telling him now that the problem is being caused by damage from the radiation he had. :(

Monday is now the anticipated day for his return home. He is disappointed that he will be spending the weekend in the hospital, but glad that things are under control. :D

I will let you all know when I hear more.



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Hi Everyone!

Thank you Chris for being my voice while chained to that little bitty hosp room.

I'm still not home. What we thought was pnumonia has turned out to be radiation burns. Talk about pain. Wow!! Mommy Daddy make it go away!!!

Bad news ... cancer has moved to my liver. I'll keep you posted on whats going on there. I can't have chemo until I heal up.

You guys mean the world to me. I'll be back online soon. This is just another test from our friend upstairs. He has something planned for me but I don't know what just yet. It takes me a while to get it sometimes! LOL! Engineering degree and all.. LOL

Love you!


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Oh Darrell --- sorry to hear about the new garbage happening. Geesh God, give us a break!! Glad to see you continue to be in good spirits and you know we all love you here.

Time to put on the gloves again (or have they ever been off??) and keep fighting. :x

Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

Warm fuzzies coming at ya'


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