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Lung Cancer Cookbooks Vol. II-- How to order...


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As many of you know, due to the overwhelming success of our first cookbook, we put together a second volume (Taste of Hope, Vol. 2) just in time for the holidays!

Ordering instructions:

Book price: $15 per book.

Shipping & Handling: $5 per book.

Shipping discounts are available for bulk orders: $15 for 5 books; $30 for 10; PM or e-mail me for shipping prices for orders over 10 books.

PM or e-mail me for prices on rush shipping

There are two ways to send payment:

1. Paypal to andreascheff@adelphia.net

2. US Postal Mail, Check made payable to Andrea Scheff. Send to:

Andrea Scheff

PO Box 27124

Anaheim Hills, CA 92809

No checks will be cashed until your order ships.

All proceeds benefit LUNGevity!!

The book comes in a 3 ring binder.

PM or email me at andreascheff@adelphia.net with any questions.


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There are still lots of cookbooks left if anyone wants to buy for the holidays!

Just tonight I made a delicious chicken and rice dish from the cookbok. It is a great book b/c the recipes are from real people and many are EASY enough for cooking dummies like myself to make!

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For all of our new members, these are member recipes, and this book was an act of love created by andrea nad so many helpers. Second in the series.


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