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Update on my Sister & more questions


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First off, thank you all for all your support. I feel like you all are family now!! I just received the latest report on my Sister:

1. All scans are showing no change. What I'm now finding out is that if a doc other than your regular doc reads the scans, they don't have a clue of the patients scan history. So mets to the brain are stable, have NOT returned, just the same as they were after radiation.

2. Kidney scan showed a cyst. Only to find out that the cyst has been there long before cancer was dx. and there is no change in the cyst now.

3. They did find fluid in the lungs. (thus the major cough) Because of that, the doc cannot see to determine how the cancer is either progressing or shrinking. So today she is getting the fluid drained, and she'll go back on Monday to see the doc. Hopefully he'll be able to give her more info then.

I know this is lengthy, but please help me out if you can: After reading this, does this sound "right"? Having no experience in this area, and also never having met or spoken to her doc, I have NO idea if this information sounds logical or a bunch of B.S.

If any of you have an opinion, I would be VERY grateful to hear it. Thanks again, for all your continued support and help. Sis

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It sounds to me like all is under control, I think. If I am not mistaken the reports are read and access is available based on other reports of scans which are in Med records. I COULD BE WRONG THOUGH. Number 2 sounds ok as long as there is no changein the cyst and it was there prior to cancer. 3 is a big yeah and i know that for sure. they will fix the coughing problem up good. Prayers from under cloudy skies tonite.

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Well, I think it sounds like you are getting all of the info needed for now. In other words, cancer is stable-that is great great great!!! They are managing her symptoms and from reading other posts who had this procedure done, it helped them immediately. I would take all of this as good news Sis. Call you sister and congratulate her, boost her up and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. big hugs

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