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Physcic reading and illness


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Geez... I don't know where to start. First last Tuesday my parents went to a physcic and she was so right on. She looked at my mom as she was tapping her own chest and said "you are a survivor, have you had a tumor, maybe breast tumor" so my mom explained about her cancer. The lady told her she is a survivor she needs to live life and not worry so much because she is a survivor. This lady even knew about the substance abuse of all my brothers and she even knew that I recently moved. It is so weird!

Anyways, one thing she did NOT tell my mom is that her "cold" that she has had for two weeks was going to cause such he** on her. She was Dx with Bronchitis 5days ago, antibiotics are not helping she has been having fevers and coughing and SOB. So she went to ER tonight and they did ANOTHER chest x-ray and this Dr. believes it is Bronchitis and gave her another abx to take with the one she already had. So this has been a very hard couple weeks.

The last thing which is a time to CELEBRATE is on Novemeber 16th it will be two years since Dx. Overall life is going well for all of us. I (we) are all so happy to have each other and I AM especially thankful for all of you guys here. Without you I don't know if I could of held myself together. A VERY WARM THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!

Many prayers for all

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