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Gastritus or Stomach Ulcers after Chemo or other meds


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Has anyone else experienced Gastritus or Stomach ulcers after chemotherapy, radiation and or surgery. For the past week and a half I have had terrible stomach pains that have rendered me useless to my family. Today, my surgeon told me I probably have Gastritus or the start of a stomach ulcer and is prescribing Nexium. I hope this fixes the problem as I start chemo again on Tuesday and I cannot handle this stomach pain anymore. If anyone else has gone through this and can tell me what medicine they took for relief, I would appreciate the advice. Thank you


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Hi Lilly,

My Dr. prescribed Nexium after my second treatment with carbo and taxol. They called it acid reflux. It took a little while, but finally it did help - a lot. I continued taking it for over a year. The second time I had chemo (cisplatin and gemzar) a year and a half later, I had the same problems. Different doctor (we moved) prescribed Protonix. It works too.

Good luck. I know this is absolutely awful, but the Nexium should help you.


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Lisa went through this with Chemo and Tarceva.

She had sharp stomach pains, nausea, and vomiting. She lost a lot of weight because she couldn't hold anything down. We thought worst things like ulcers or bacteria or worst so we scheduled an appointment with a Gastrointestinal for an exam and Endoscopy procedure. They did blood work to check for liver and bile function and pancreas function.

The good news was that everything was normal. There was some inflamation in the lower 3rd of the esophagus (biospy) which the doctor said was probably due to the medicine (Tarceva in this case). She was told to continue with the Nexium 40mg with meals 2 times per day and to take antinausea rx as needed (Kytril in our case).

She stayed on soft foods and liquids for a week or more and is now slowly back on a regular diet.

I think she felt better just from being checked.

The chemo treatments cause inflamation which cause all sorts of stomach anomalys.

Does this sound like your situation? Chanwit

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My mom was given Prevacid (at first) and then switched to Protonix at some point -- the med switch was purely an insurance thing and both worked for her....at least she never said anything about having trouble. She was prescribed these from the beginning (they did not wait for symptoms as she already had a history of tummy troubles).

I personally had a bout with something that was causing me lots of stomach pains close to what you describe (though I am not someone going through chemo/rad. nor have this dx). My doctor gave me an 8 week course of Protonix and it worked like a charm. Problem never returned either -- only other thing I did while on Protonix was eat soft bland foods like overcooked rice flavored with chicken or beef bullion, yogurt, puddings, soups. Things like toast came into the picture eventually, but I couldn't really handle much in the way of solid foods for a bit without stomach pain.

Hope this helps,


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