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So.. Are ya'll READY TO WALK???


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We've got sleet here!! Maybe I'll walk on the treadmill. :lol: Luckily it is a gorgeous day in Boston. I hope everyone has a great freak free -day today. I just called Boston and they ran out of late registration forms already. So I think it is going to be a big success.

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I'm ready to head on out.

They finally put a little 'blurb' in the paper yesterday on page 5 (the newspaper has 10 pages). The reporter never quite got the satellite thing and asked me how many were walking about 5 or 6 times. I don't think she thought it was newsworthy enough and when she put it in the paper- it says Debi and other are walking - I had told her my friend was walking with me, apparnetly she wanted to make it look like it was more than 2 of us.

Well, other's son broke his arm last night and had emergency surgery so I am hoofing it alone through the wooded trail. :shock: My calves are killing me because I ran through O'Hare airport the other day with a duffel bag carry on that weighed the same as a large dog, in order to catch a connecting flight. I had 20 minutes to make it from all the way down Terminal B to all the way down Terminal F without a moving sidewalk in sight. Next time I am going to take pledges for that!

Good, freak-free walks to all! :lol:

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You weren't hoofing it alone, Debi. You KNOW many of us were right there with you!

The reporter that interviewed me got the satellite thing confused as well. I told her about YOU and the concept of satellite walking and that you said you would probbly would be walking alone. She KNEW I was walking in Boston, but the article said I would probably be walking alone. Maybe if your reporter got together with mine, it would come out right in the end :? .

Hope you had great success, Debi!


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