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Joe is on his way home

Lisa O

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Joe had surgery on the mass in his brain on Thursday. It was determined to be a mucinous metastasis. The surgeon was able to remove the entire mass and placed chemo wafers around the area. He has no neurologic deficit except for a (hopefully temporary) minor loss of peripheral vision at the bottom of his left eye. He is in great spirits. He is going down to 2 mg decadron from 4 and has only minor pain. He has been told that the chemo wafers should be all of the treatment he needs and that he does not have to go through radiation at this time. I am praying he is finished with this episode.

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Hi Everyone--

I am home !! :)

Surgery was Thursday at 8:00 AM, and here I am Saturday afternoon at home relaxing ( I got home around 5pm). My Surgeon was Dr Mark Rosenblum -- the head of Henry Ford Hosptal Neurosurgical Department and one of the top neurosurgeons in the entire nation. He did an awesome job.

It Helps when you got connections! (I run the Henry Ford Health System project for my company (www.relware.com) we are re-writing all the clinical applications for Henry Ford Health System)

I will be checking in from time to time but mostly just resting and reading posts over the next couple of weeks.

This whole experience has been a huge blessing to me with the presence of God clearly made known to me throughout. I will relate personally with PM's for those interested at a later date.

Thanks for all your prayers and love. I have taken a major step forward....the cancer is completedly resected and I will win this battle.

Joe B

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