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Update on Henk

Ellen B.

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It's a long time ago I gave an update on Henk b/c there seemed to be nothing to tell.

Chemo and radiation being over (in February), his docs (a team) advised him to 'wait and see'. There was (and is) still 'something' visible on the scans, but the docs don't know what this is. Could be active tumor or dead tumor or scar tissue.

However, a couple of weeks ago Henk visited his primary doc b/c of some flu-like symptoms. The primary ordered X-rays. The comment on these X-rays (seen by a pulmonogist and a radiologist) was 'that the (left) lung is well cured from the tumor'.

We don't know what this means, but we think this is good news?!?


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SOunds like No evidence of disease or NED as we call it and that is a cause to celebrate. that is how I understand the news. Prayers and Hugs

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