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Joels chemo /updated 11/13 & 11/14


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Katie you can move this wherever, I just wanted some fast answers and thought it would be faster on this forum right now.

Joel had his first treatment of Taxotere on Tuesday. Took Decapron (sp) 2, day before day of and day after treatment. Day after treatment had a shot of Neulasta to prevent low white cell count.

Day after treatment felt like someone was sitting on his chest and pain in hip. Now I know that was from the Neulasta as that is a side effect. That lasted until I imagine the chemo kicked in on Friday. He still had the effects of the Neulasta when the chemo first kicked in on Friday. I think that effect has gone now as the heaviness on his chest is no longer.

He has been since Friday with unbearable pain. He take 2 percosets which helps 80% of the time but it all comes off 3 hours later.

It is Sunday and he woke up in horrible pain. Now, when I read the side effects of Taxotere, they hardly mention pain. The only time they mention pain is 20% of the time but not severe.

So my question... what is going on? Have you people out there who have been on this drug or caretakers this happened to you or your love one?

It seems besides the low blood counts the #1 side effects is fatigue, diaherra and mouth and throat irritation.

This does not seem normal to me. The Onchologist nurse just told him to take one percoset if he has pain, and two is not working. They are only 5mmgs.

Of course he will call the doc first thing tomorrow, but just need some feedback from my friends here.

Does his seem normal to you?? :shock:


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When John was on taxotere he had bad body aches-- muscles cramps-- pain yes, but not like you are describing. I am trying to think of what worked for patkid's Brian when nothing else would touch his pain-- was it Advil gelcaps? Make him drink a lot of water-- it will help. Sorry he is having problems.

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I have no experience with these drugs, but I did some digging around for info. on them and what you are describing sounds alarmingly unusual and I'm tempted to say I wouldn't rule out going to the ER to be safe if your instincts are giving you big bells and whistles going off here.

You don't say what dose of Taxotere Joel is getting, but I'd be especially concerned if it's 100 mg/m2 rather than 75 mg/m2. Info. seems to indicate that there can be more problems of a severe nature in NSCLC patients at the higher dosage. There is some info. buried in the Taxotere info. about general pain and cardiac issues as well occuring in some patients. I surely couldn't find anything close to what you are describing with the Neulesta (not that degree of pain, anyway).

Here's my link to Taxotere info. for you:


The link will take you to warnings and precautions. Side effects tab is also particularly useful at this site.


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I just had treatment #5 of 6 of Taxotere. I am experiencing severe right hip and flank pain. I have had this pain prior to beginning my original chemotherapy back in January 06, but it seems to have greatly increased since I started the Taxotere. A bone scan was negative and I just had a MRI of the spine last week to see if there are bone mets.

I tried Percoset for this pain and it didn't even touch it. Darvocet is doing much, much better for the pain control.

I have not received any Neulasta injections while on Taxotere, so I know that is not why I am experiencing pain. If my MRI is negative, I am just going to hope that the pain decreases after my last Taxotere treatment.

A heating pad seems to help relieve some of the pain too. I am sorry Joel is having a difficult time - this Taxotere treatment has not been easy for me either.

With a very gentle hug,

Pam in FL

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Hi Maryanne,

Don had Taxotere, and on the 3rd infusion and 4th had terrible allergic reaction immediately, and also had neuropathy, but no pain like you are describing in Joel's hip. Did his PET last month show anything in his hip? Did you see the report? If that's what it is, those bone mets can get excruciatingly painful. Other than that, I don't recall anyone here having that kind of pain with Taxotere - just fatigue, neuropathy, etc.

Let us know what you find out.



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I only got a little bit of liquids down him today. As he has been sleeping most of the afternoon. Gets really bad aches takes pain pills rocks back and forth. I keep massaging him which helps then he falls sleeps.

He is running a fever of 100 and he ate a little breakfast.

I am keeping on eye on him of course. I am concerned about the fever its 100 not to bad but still a fever.

I do have chicken soup I have made, I will get him up and make sure he eats.

He had such horrible weekend, he says the worse in his life.

So glad tomorrow is Monday, and will be able to find out what is what.

Linda, I don't know what the strength was they gave him. I will find out tomorrow. Thanks for the link, I will read when I get a chance.

Also, Peggy, the pain the hip left, that was from the neulesta shot. That was listed as a side effect.

I did not expect any of this. He keep appolgizing for being in such pain. The pain is in the joints, bis back and legs, very fly like.

Have to go, will check back later.

Maryanne :cry:

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Maryanne-- take him some water(ginger ale, anything he will drink) and make him keep sipping till he gets it down. It will help the fever and get the chemo moving out of his system. Someone posted once that pain is worse if you are even slightly dehydrated. John also said he felt like he had the flu with taxotere. It's a nasty one -- let us know how he does. Poor guy, hope the doctor has some answers.

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Oh, yes, Maryanne. I forgot about the fever. Don had a fever, too, with Taxotere. It lasted for several weeks. It was 100-101. They even put him in the hospital for several days, did blood cultures, etc. and never could figure it out. This happened at the same time he was getting lung radiation, too, so maybe it was the combination. After about 5 days after he was out of the hospital, the fever just suddenly stopped.

Mostly what I remember from the Taxotere/Carbo cocktail and lung radiation at the same time is that after 3 weeks, Don was knocked on his butt with the fever and fatigue and it took him two months and a low-dose Decadron boost to get him back to normal. He did ok with Gemzar/Navelbine, Iressa, Tarceva, and he actually handled Alimta well except for the bad reaction he had. I just strongly recall that Taxotere for Don was a hard one, too.

I think that Taxotere (for NSCLC) and Cisplatin (for SCLC) are the toughest chemos, tried and true, but they can also smack hard.

Hang in there!



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It's Monday and I hope Joel is doing better. What did the Onc. have to say?

Tony did a Taxotere/Gemzar combo and didn't have the aches (except mild from the Neulasta). He did spike fevers on about the second thru fourth nights of about 102-103. They originally put him on antibiotics until we realized that it was just the way he reacted. We always thought it was the gemzar that caused the fever. For the mouth sores he did B-50, a lot of mouthwash with biotene, & nystatin (swish & swallow for the thrush) and that got them under control. Flu symptoms too. The fatigue really mounted as the number of cycles he went through grew.

I'm so sorry Joel is having this pain. Hoping that today brings you some changes and answers.



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First I love your pic Frank, Your great-grandson is such a cutie :D must take after your wife's side of the family. :D

Spoke to some doctor last night who was on call. Could hardly understand him as he had a heavy accent and his cell phone kept breaking up :shock: . I kept saying repeat that, sorry I can't understand you are breaking up. (frustrating). Reminded me of that commerical, when you a talking a there is a dropped connection :roll:

Anyway, He bascially said to watch his fever and it it goes above 100.4 I might have to get him to the hospital. Hmmm....I have one of those old regular mercury thermometer, how would you know if if is 100 or 100.1 etc. I just goes from 100 to 101 no .1,.2.,.3 or .4 :roll:

I asked him if he could take 3 percosets and he said that was okay if his stomach could take it. And to also give him 2 tylenol for the fever.

Well by bedtime his fever was normal. But then again it could have been masked by the tylenol. Anyway the 3 Perocosets help him tremendously.

Now, I spoke to his Onochologist today, Joel's fever this moringing was still normal. His Oncol. was concerned about all the percosets as Joel has a slight elevated liver count and between that and the tylenol it would not be good for the liver as the percosets has tylenol in it. (didn't know that one)

So he wants him to take the most 2 Perks and if he is still hurting to take 2 Aleves 2 hours after taking the perks. But to check him for fever before giving him the aleve.

He is running a slight fever of 99. The doc feels that the pain may all have been contributed to the Neulasta and not the chemo. So he wants him to take a blood test to see how his counts are and if they are good, they may :roll: reduce the milligrams of the Neulesta.

He's concerned about the extent of the pain, so we will have to talk about his next treatment as Joel told him he cannot go through that again. That his pain was like a 9 or a 10 :shock:

Today, Joel is feeling some relief. He is actually on his computer doing some work, which he hasn't touched in 5 days, so I am taking that as a good sign.

So now it is wait an see. Is it the Neulesta or the chemo..or maybe a combination of both??

So that's it... bummer week-end but at least he seems to be starting to get some relief. whew...

Thanks for your knowledge and support as usual.. what would I do without you guys.

Maryanne :wink:

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Joel is much better today.

They think it was the Neulasta that may have caused the pain. So maybe during his next treatment they will eliminate the neulasta shot. Iknow they will be taking blood first to see how the counts are.

But the bad pain has left and what he is feeling now is tolerable.

Thanks all and just wanted to update you all.


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