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Leaving Again


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Well, I'm off to Ohio again tomorrow- was flown home on Thursday. This time I will be there till next week, I'll come home for Thanksgiving and then fly back for the entire month of December. I can scan the board when I'm away, but not that much time to post.

Leaving my son is killing me, the days without him are days that I know I will never get back :cry: . But if I don't step up now in my company, I'll never get out of the position that I've been trapped in.

Huh, I guess without thinking, I'm starting to look in terms of a future....

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I know it is hard to leave your son, but I had to smile when you said you were thinking about the future. When you get that big promotion this will all seem worth it. I am proud of you for getting on with things the way you are. Do you have any idea what a big step this is? A future for Debi....isn't that the best? I am still working on my mind set for the future. One of these days I will be there too.


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You are doing the right thing for your future.

I know how hard it is to leave your son, but as we all know the holidays come and go so fast. Before you know it you will be home and will make great memories.

Maryanne :wink:

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