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My heart goes out to you and your Father


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Dear Friend,

My heart goes out to you and your Father. Sometimes the decisions we are asked to make in life are just too much to bear. This decision has to be up to your Father and you can be there to support his decision either way. It sounds like you need to bring more people in on this than just you and your Dad. Does your Father have a Priest, Minister or Rabbi he could talk to? Or is there a counseling staff at the medical center he goes to? Often social workers can help people with life altering decisions. I think there's a helpful website, cancercare.org, that offers free counseling. Also maybe the people at www.alcase.org could help you.

You asked about chemotherapy and its effects. I can only go by my experience with 4 different chemotherapy medicines. It wasn't that bad. (I was 52 and in good health--besides the lung cancer-- when I started chemo.) I was able to manage through treatments without getting very sick except for my last chemo, Gemzar which was not supposed to make me sick, but did! Keep in mind that I believed each chemo would cure me so I was putting up with the discomfort for the greater good. I think if I were told that I had a finite time to live, I could very possibly make different decisions or view everything differently.

I will be praying for you and your Father. Throughout my cancer ordeal I have prayed and have been prayed for. Prayer brings me peace and comfort and I hope my prayers help you.



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