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More Results, More Questions


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Hello Everyone,

Once again I come to you with more questions. My sister had a follow up appt. today. They are changing her chemo (don't know to what type as yet).

1.Avistan is not an option according to her onc., could cause pulmonary bleeding he says. Has anyone experienced this? How does one know if they are at risk for pulmonary bleeding?

2. He's putting her back on a low dosage of steroids, AND a low dosage of morphine. She has never indicated any pain. Why the morphine?

3. Still waiting for results of fluid drained from her lungs. Doc suspects that there may be cancer cells in the fluid. Can anyone expain this?

As always...You input is very appreciated. Sis

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Debs Oncologist once told me whene she had her effusion that the cancer cells were there. Threaso he said, is, everyone has the cells, It isa when they get together and form tumors that you need to worry. that is what I was told by Him.

The chemo may not be working an dthat is why the switch to an other treatment. Not sure about avastin though. We never gor to that point.

Sending prayers for strength and stability and big warm blankets. take care may get rough weather next week.

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Hi I don't know if this can help or not. My husban d has nsclc and they wouldn't give him Avistan because oainf bleeding. Cause he had surgery on this brain that is where the cancer went too. He had to go back on the steroids for swelling and he would get sick. The darn cancer came back to the brain. H e will be going to surgery again on Dec. 4th. The Dr said he will get it all. Than he will have to get chemo again. Maybe it will take all the cancer away.

I will pray for your sister and family. Never give up.


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Avastin has produced serious bleeding issues in about 31% who use it in trials. It was foumd mainly in those with Squamus cell carcinomas. Avastin has been FDA approved only for those with non-squamus cell LC.

However, I have squamus cell cancer and a very strong dosage on 695 mg of Avastin every other week. My chances of bleeding problems at 31% pale with the 100% chance of dying if something doesn't work.

The steroids help in reducing inflammations, swelling and gives a temporary boost in energy. It is a normal step. I get a 20 mg dose IV every week in infusion of chem.

Morphine if she is not in pain doesn't make since to me either. She may get very constipated and realize little good from it. If she does, have her tell her oncologist to reconsider.

The pleural effusion, fluids around the lung can contain cancer cells. It indicates a spread beyond the primary tumor. However, you will see many survivors on the site whose history in their signature show they have had cancer in the pleural effusion and are still alive.

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Avastin has been scrapped as a therapy by Tony's Onc. for the bleeding issue also, even though he has adenocarcinoma. Maybe it has to do with the amount of cancer in the lungs and the tumors bleeding. I've tried to plead the case about Avastin, but the Doc says the bleeding can easily be fatal. I'm not really sure, but was disappointed that this option was taken off the table.

Tony has a lot of pleural effusion issues and has been tapped 12 times. They have repeatedly tested his fluid and it has never come back with cancer cells -- so your sis has hope for that too. Even if there are cells, other chemo can readily knock those out.

They tried steroids on Tony also to see if it would help ease the effusion. They didn't and he isn't on them at all now.

As for the morphine -- ?????? I'm clueless why they would give it to her if she isn't in any pain.

Hoping for the best for you and yours --


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