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Hello - Just found out


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I am so very, very sorry. You and your mother will both be in my prayers. Have you considered getting a second opinion for your mother? A second opinion on diagnosis for treatment can many times make a real difference.



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Hi Puglover. Welcome this site. I am sorry you have lost your dad and your mother got lung cancer.

These days all stages of lc is treatable as long as one has the strength and the will to undergo treatment...within reasonable limits. If your mom wants to make a stand against the cancer, she may find a second opinion would take a different view. Most people go to see a local oncologist or even just a GP when they get a diagnosis and often times get an unfavorable prognosis. If your mom were to get a second opinion at a comprehensive cancer center, she may find a treatment course.

In any case, you and your mom have my best wishes to somehow manage your burden.

Don M

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So sorry to hear the news about your dad and now your mom. How devistaging this is for you. I know how scared you must be about your moms diagnosis. Like you have heard before there is help out there if she wants it and has the strength to fight.

She would have to get a 2nd or maybe even a third to see if there is any help for her.

Again, puglover I am so sorry for everything you are going through. Please know that we are here for you, and you can vent anytime, or ask us any questions you may have. We are very knowledgeable and supportive family here.


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I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. My mom too was just diagnosed with stage IIIB/4 nsclc on Sept 12. She is still fighting and now on her third round of chemo. This is a good place to vent and read inspirational stories. I found a lot of hope hear at this website. Read the stories and pass them along to your mom. Hold onto hope and pray. I'll say a prayer for you too. sarah

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Hello Puglover and welcome

I am sorry about all this sadness you have. Please know that we are here for you and will listen and offer advice whenever we can.

I agree with the others regarding a 2nd or more opinion. And if the conventional treatments are not the right ones, there are many, many clincal trials out there that your Mom may qualify for.

Please keep us posted.

My thoughts and prayers are with you


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I do not know how old your mother is. Unfortunately there are some doctors that do not do all that can be done for older patients. If you have not done so I would get a second opinion. It should be from a well know cancer treatment center that is not affiliated with the group of doctors that your mom is now going to. You need to find a doctor that will treat her and believe that there is a chance of healing her. There is not one cancer that at least someone has not been cured from. Maybe you could find out and let us know more about the type of cancer your mom has, type, stage etc. There are many people here that have been told there is no hope. They just don’t believe that and find a doctor that has hope. Keep us posted.

Stay positive,


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So sorry to read about your dad, and the poor outlook for your mom. I agree with the others that you need to seek a second opinion regarding your mom's prognosis. This disease can be beaten, you just have to believe it! As long as your mom can tolerate treatment there is hope. I am keeping you all in my prayers. Stay strong.

God Bless,


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