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Pressure on tumor. A question

Ellen B.

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I don't know exactly how to explain this in English, but I'll try.

Henk loves to hunt. Last year, he couldn't hunt b/c of the treatments, but now he feels well enough to hunt.

However, when shooting, his gun backfires (presses) against his left shoulder, at the exact place where the tumor is (or was?) located.

I'm worried about the effect that the severe pressure will have on the tumor.

Any thoughts about this?


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Ellen,I am an avid outdoorsman.Always lived for hunting and fishing.I also have more tumors than Hector had chickens.For the most part it shouldn't hurt the tumor but there is no certainty of that.

They have shooting pads to wear on the shoulder area are very affordable.Also have butt plates can be added to end stock of firearm (simple,good looking,and give much protection and are very easy and quick to install.

Henk will be fine with this.The hard part is still field dressing and dragging the darn thing in :wink:

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