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Finish with my first round of chemo &...


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Hi,I finish 2 weeks ago with my 1st. round of chemo, still going with radiation every day until the 20th. when I will start my 2nd. round.

I don't know if is normal but I don't feel bad side efects. I still having hair, is going little by little but I feel pretty good. I am scarred that the treatment is not killing this monster. Thanks for listen to me. Tkanks

love bucky

other & grand 52

DX 03 1B adreno. Only surgery

Relapse Sept 06

Cistplan & V6 plus radiatio

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That's good news Bucky. I didn't have very bad side effects either, especially with the first few rounds of treatment. The effects of chemotherapy are cumulative, so the later rounds tend to have more side effects. I didn't have radiation so I can't comment on that. Hang in there and stay strong! I'm sure the chemo and radiation are working together to kill the beast!

God Bless,


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My husband had the same concerns after his first round of chemo. Fatigue after the steroids wore off was the worst side effect. He was actually relieved after his hair started falling out 18 days after his first round of chemo. That told him the chemo was working.

I hope you get good results from your treatment plan.

Keep us posted.


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Hi Bucky, I had radiation and chemo at the same time. Radiation every day and chemo once a week for 6 weeks. Just carboplatin, so hair thinned out a bit on top.

I felt pretty good too then gradually started to drag my feet the last two weeks....it was like walking up a hill that was getting steeper and steeper. They decided to give me a few extra seconds of radiation (booster) under the broiler that last week which really sucked out all my strength. :D

Just kept eating as much as I could and taking those afternoon naps.

Radiation is very potent weapon. I'm betting it will zap that spot right out of there. :D


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Hi Bucky,

I had the same concerns when I had my chemo(taxol/carboplatinum)/radiation before my surgery. I was told that I was given a lower dose of chemo while also getting radiation. My hair never fell out, nor did I get sick. After my surgery I had two sessions of chemo (taxol/carboplatinum) three weeks apart. My hair jumped off my head and ran away and I had some serious aches and pains.

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I did not have the same drugs as you, but I also did not have many side effects at first. My onc told me the extent of side effects or lack of them, are not related to the effectiveness of the treatment one way or the other. You should ask your Onc if the same thing applies to the drugs you are being given.

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