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19 months as a NERD!


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Hey All,

Well, good news again. Can't quite believe this miracle sometimes, but it seems it is happening. For some reason Tarceva chose to work on me and for that I am so grateful. It has given me a second chance in so many ways.

I hope I can help others out there if they are suffering from this Tarceva rash. Finally after tolerating a chronic scalp rash all year I was referred to a Dermatologist. I had 3 skin biopsies taken from my scalp and am now on Minocycline 200 mg per day. I can't begin to describe the relief it has given me and I am now pain free in that area. They are even hopeful my hair will grow back and after a year of patchy baldness I have my fingers crossed as well. The nostril pain has gone as well, which is a huge relief also. It is just amazing the difference it has made. All those other antibiotics just didn't work, but this one worked within a week. Maybe this can help others and stop them going through what I did for too long.

All the best,


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I'm so happy for you Sharon, I just loved reading your post, NERD and no more rash. That's just wonderful. I'm so glad that the docs were finally able to do something about the rash. It just took the right doc with the right medicine.

Way to go!


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I am so glad you posted this. I have also had the chronic scalp problem. Tested as a staph infection on my head. We used doxycycline to treat and it came back, so we upped the dosage and it also worked. I have not had another...knock on wood... It ws very uncomfortable. Have you experienced some hair growth problems.. I know I have.. My hair grows very slow.

Glad to hear the great news!!!



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Glad you got rid of the mange! I know what a pain in the (head) it has been for you.

Congrats on the 19 months. hip hip for Tarceva. Without the side effects, I am sure it holds an even higher esteem for you. Now, if we can just figure out how to get you to be the covergirl for Tarceva/Oz!


Cindi o'h

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