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Final round of chemo


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I wish I could say it went out with a whimper, but no, it had to be a bang. After five rounds of chemo with almost no side effects worth mentioning, which my doctor was totally amazed at, my final round of carbo cause an allergic reaction. I had finished the Avastin and the taxol and was 20 minutes away from being done with the carbo and chemo altogether, when my mouth and eyes got itchy and my face started to burn. The nurse came at that exact moment to see how I was, which wasn't so good. My blood pressure shot up pretty high, and I was getting dizzy. After a shot of Benadryl which left me feeling pretty loopy, and a shot of something else which I have no idea what it was but it brought my bp down really fast and caused unbelievable nausea, I proceeded to throw up. Then they wouldn't let me leave until they were sure I was okay. So, my final round which was scheduled for 10am and should have had me home for 4:30, ended up with me getting home at 7pm. We left the house at 7am that day so I was just a bit tired.

We did manage to have a good laugh though. My dear friend Jodi, with whom I've been friends since we were 14, comes with me to my chemos. She was holding my head while I was sick and I mentioned to her that the last time she did that for me was when we were both 17 and I had drunk a bottle of peppermint schnapps and spent the night over a toilet bowl with her holding my hair back. Funny how things like that come right back to you 20 years later. Some things just never change!

Anyhow, I will have scans 12/1 and then start on just Avastin 12/11. I'm terrified of stopping the chemo as it seems to be working, but the doc says no more, especially after having had the allergic reaction.


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I had a late in the tx reaction to Carboplatin too, I didn't have the extreme symptons but the Benedryl put me out for hours and it was the one and only time I'd driven myself to chemo!

Good luck with the new tx, I so enjoyed meeting you at the walk.


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Sorry to hear about the reaction to Carbo. I had the same chemo regimen, and am now getting just Avastin since June and I am currently in remission. So don't be afraid to go on with just Avastin, especially if you have had good results with the Carbo/Taxol. Avastin is so much easier to take and it does prevent the cancer from getting nutrients so it can't grow. Just continue to think happy thoughts. I am praying for a good response for you.

God Bless,


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Tracy, Yes you certainly did finish chemo with a Bang! I had bad reaction to taxol, just 1 cc caused me to stop breathing but that benadryl is pretty incredible stuff huh?

I bet everyone in your infusion room got riled up too. :shock:

Congrats on finishing the chemo, and fingers crossed for good reports in December. :D


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