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Blood Loss


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My dad was admitted to the hospital, again. This time it was because his blood cell count was very low. They plan on transfusing 3-4 units of blood. He was also bleeding quite a bit. He was put on Lovenox (sp?) for blood clots he developed just before he was diagnosed with his cancer. Today I found out he has been coughing up blood, bleeding from the entry site for his colostomy and bled a lot when he got his Lovenox shot yesterday. He hasn't had any known problems with blood clots for about 1 month now so they took him off the meds today.

Has anyone seen or experienced anything like this blood loss? Does it mean he is getting worse or does it mean that the chemo is attacking the good blood more because the there are less cancer cells to attack? I'm confused.


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Hi Joe,

My Mother experienced something similar she was almost done with her chemo (treatment 5 of 6) and her blood counts and platlett count really dropped especially her platletts. They admitted her for one evening for blood transfusions and platletts I was told that the platletts dropping like they did caused her bleeding - she had a real tough nose bleed that we couldn't get stopped. Everyone is different but this was our experience - this is what the chemo did! Hope this was of some help.

Take care,


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When he was on a blood thinner they should be testing I believe it s called the PT, PTT (prothrombin test), platlet count and other tests.

I am not a doctor, but your dad was given a blood thinner and then develops bleeding problems? Doesnt sound quite right too me.

Also did they tell your dad to modify his diet. Vitamin E, aspirin and other things thin the blood. They should tell you to avoid this while on the blood thinner. I believe this is true, but I could be wrong.

http://www.pharmacynetworkgroup.com/w/l ... utions.htm

Take care


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