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Response to Tarceva


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For those of you that Tarceva worked for, how long did it take before your tumor showed shrinkage? I've been on Tarceva for 3 weeks and my tumor was stable, which my doctor was happy with. Just wondering about others.

Also, does it just vary how long the Tarceva will work, if you do respond?

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Well I guess different doctors have different ideas about what Tarceva can do. Lisa's oncologist was only hoping for slowing or halting tumor growth. I guess he would have been happy with that. After about 2 months on Tarceva her lung tumor has "dissolved" and her liver mets shrank 50%. He was amazed. She has worked hard for this result.

Of course we help things along by alternative therapies as well. I think it's a 24/7 process.


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I had Tarceva, Carboplatin and Taxol all at once, so there is no way to know for sure what made the cancer go away. M oncologist said it was the chemo, Tarceva, or Divine intervention. I go with the later. They plan to keep me on Tarceva for 2 years (August 2007). My first scan was 2 months into my treatment. I had a 30% reduction in tumor size, 70% reduction of pleural effusion and 90% reduction of all other nodules. At 4 months there was nothing but scar tissue. I have been NED for over a year. Praise the Lord! I also take a lot of supplements and herbs.

Hope this help you.

Stay positive,


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