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Did anyone else catch the 3 second blurb on The View this morning? They stated how many people will die of lung cancer this year and in the same breath said if you smoke, try to quit. And that was it!

I wrote in. This is what I wrote:


First I'd like to say thank-you for mentioning lung cancer today in the hot topics.

I'd like to ask you to put forward a little more detailed information. In my opinion, the information presented today made it sound like quitting smoking is the only way to prevent lung cancer.

I recently lost my Mom to lung cancer. She quit smoking 17 years before her diagnosis. I'd like to refer you to a website (www.ielcap.org) that has the very latest research in the area of early detection of lung cancer. Frankly, quitting smoking can only save lives if cancer is detected early.

Labeling lung cancer a "smoker's disease" is inacurate. 50% of people currently diagnosed are either nonsmokers or ex-smokers. It also perpetuates the stigma that is attached to lung caner that prevents it from gaining the funding required to save lives.

In many areas, November has be designated as lung cancer awareness month. Thank you for recognizing it.

Please also write. Maybe we can get a little more coverage that is a little more comprehesive.

Here is the address http://abc.go.com/daytime/theview/

Just click on the "ask the viewmaster" button.


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