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Know anything about multiple biopsy's, both lungs...?

Tracey Huguley

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Godfrey will be going into UCLA on 11/22/06 thru 11/24/06 ish. They will be doing multiple biopsy's on both lungs...

I wasn't there for the consultation so there may be another name for the procedure.

Does anyone know anything about this and/or what to expect?

The surgeon says they will put a tube in his lungs...

What is the recovery like? How long is this surgery?

I'm feeling frightened and don't know what to expect.

We still don't know if this is cancer. This procedure is supposed to let us know what is in his lungs...

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers...during the dates 11/22 thru 11/24 ish...That the surgery would go well and he would recovery quickly...and that we would get positive news...and some treatment options for whatever is giving him SOB and cough....

Any info would be appreciated...


Tracey Huguley

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Sounds an awful lot like a Bronchoscopy. They put a tube down your throat into your lung and take small pieces of the tissue they want to examine. If he can stand the procedure it won't be to bad. I have a problem with a deep gag reflex so I have to be out cold for them to do the procedure. If that is the case it shouldn't be to bad. I was in the hospital in the morning and home by the evening. Coughed up a little blood from the procedure and had a low grade fever for a while but other than that nothing to it. Hope all goes well. Sending blessings your way.


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Its a pretty delicate procedure but he will be up but will not feel anything. They just have to watch to make sure a lung does not collapse. They may tell him to bring clothers to the place where he is having it done as that could happen. They give a chest Xray a couple of times after the procedure to make sure all is alright.

The reason to bring the clothes is if there is any excess bleeding or lung collapse they will have to watch it.

My husband went through it fine and went home. They will biospy it to see if if is cancerous.

Keeping fingers crossed here that it will be benine. If not there are so many treatments out there, and they will fine one that will work for him. Hang in there, I know how scarely this is. But lets not jump to any conclusions until the procedure is done and you find out the conclusion from the pathologist.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Maryanne :wink:

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