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When they say, "Don't worry..."


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...am I supposed to believe them?

OK folks, time to talk me off the proverbial ledge.

Mom's MRI showed a spot on the brain. The dr. called it "concerning", but then said not to worry about it. It's her freaking brain! I know many of you have been here before,so help me. Last visit we found a spot on her hip that is eating into her bone. Before that, new spots in her other lung. Now it's in her brain.

They are hoping to use gamma knife before it grows more. Lucky us, it is the perfect size for gamma. Don't worry! The gamma folks should call over the next two weeks. Don't worry...two weeks will be fine. This is likely slow growing.

BTW, thanks for the info on Zometa, but he feels the damage it would do to her kidneys, which are barely holding on as it is, isn't worth the risk. It should be slow-growing...don't worry!

Not trying to imply that Mom's dr is uncaring or aloof--he's told us to call him at home if we have questions. He goes to our church, and his kids go to school with my kids. He is a great guy.

I'm really trying to stay positive. I really don't know how to not worry.


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Got everything crossed for your family that this gets nipped in the bud and off your worry list soon.

You've got a longer history here than I do, but I looked at your mom's history there and it's been a long time since anything was in the area of the head (I'm not sure what the skull tumour was in the past) and things were still showing clear as of July -- if the skull tumour was LC related, chances are this is a slow growing something now from what I see in your history. The size spotted now must be pretty small with gamma knife in the picture too.

I'll just apologize in advance if I'm way off base, but hopefully somehow this helps get those toes away from the ledge at least a little.


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I PM'd you when I saw your signature updated, but here you are...

Don't worry is a little invcalidating...what else are you supposed to do RIGHT??? It's your mom. I'm no doctor, but if it's small, and there aren't neurological symtoms, I would think treatment could certainly be quite effective right?

That's what I understood whaen I was first researching this stuff and before I knew the extent of Mom's situation. But still, I had read some good things...as good as that could be I guess.

Praying for you and Mom.


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DEbs oncologist always said " I will tell you when to panic" He was pretty right about that. Think positive it will help all around you. COme in off the ledge I am afraid of heights. There is a plan for treatment. It is not going " Well, we will try this and see if anything happens." It sounds like Onc has a good plan and idea of what all is going on. Prayers and Hugs and A BIG WARM DRYER BLANKET if you come in from the ledge.

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Ahhhh, those glorious words of "don't worry"! I've always thought that anyone who says them should take them and just stick them right up their....

Well, anyway. In the case of a spot in the brain and Gamma Knife I can tell you only that our worries became very much LESS after the first time Mom had SRS. WE even got to the point where we'd say "If one pops up we'll just 'zap' it and be done." The results we've seen on Mom were amazing and I know in my heart bought her the time she is still living right now...and living pretty well considering.

Take a deep breath, a step back, and see what happens. Oh yeah...and don't forget that miracles happen every day and there is always hope. :)

Lots of prayers and much love...

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