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Lungevity survivors book in Australia


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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know I am in a book!!!!

The Lungevity site over here invited people to submit their stories in the hope of having them published. There are 15 of us featured, with photos(unfortunately, lol) and the whole point is to give others out there hope. I am not sure where these books are going to be placed but they are available free of charge on their site, but it seems only here in Australia. Not much is done in this country regarding awareness of Lung Cancer. It says it all when I am wearing a Lung Cancer awareness bracelet which comes from Canada.

I guess this book is a start and hopefully many people will get to read it and not feel that fighting this disease is a hopeless cause.

I fired off a stack of emails to various television shows here lamenting their non coverage of lung cancer awareness month, but suprise, suprise, didn't hear a thing.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know I am very proud of this book and it's message.


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Congrats on being published. You are a great poster-girl!

What about the woman with lung cancer who hot-air ballooned across Australia?

Could you do something along those lines on the Gold Coast?.... Like strap yourself to the back of some dolphins, harnass them and standing, ride 'em bareback?

Keep up the great work, Sharon.

Cindi o'h

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