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Lots of surprises!!

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Hi All-

Need to vent a sec-

I had a rather surprising phone call from my dad today. Mom is not doing so well. She had a round of chemo 2 weeks ago and it has really taken a toll on her body and spirit this time around. I suppose that 8 years into treatments that will happen. I am shocked because she has never had a really big issue with chemo other than some fatigue and digestive side effects.

Big surprise too that he had to take her to hospital on Weds last week for fever and pain she could not stand anymore- in 8 years of cancer fighting she has never had to go to the hospital...surprise too that he did not call me. Apparently she has not been able to get off her back all week. O2 all week and he is having to shower her and everything because she is so weak. No pain meds were prescribed-just penicillin for the fever, a procrit and B12 shot and sent her home.

This morning he says that he is not sure how long she is going to last, that if i need to say anything to her I should come and say it tomorrow and that he really does not think I should bring my son because he does not think he should see her this way....

I am really shocked-last week we went shopping and she seemed to have a ton of energy..now this....

another surprise, he said she does not think she wants to take any more chemo

Some of you know that I am starting a non-profit to donate paintings to chemo centers...yesterday I found out I get to have an exhibit of my work at a gallery here in Dallas.and paint for a 12artist compilation being given to St. Paul Hospital..Awesome news!

I have never felt such complete opposite emotions at the same time...this roller coaster is a doosey!

Blessings to all


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So sorry to hear the news about your mom. I wish I knew what to say to somehow make this easier for you. Unfortunately I have nothing profound to say. I am praying that mom begins to feel better real soon and gets back her energy and zest for life. I am also praying for you and your dad that God gives you both the strength to cope with your mom's current situation.

Congratulations on the good news, and good luck with the exhibit! Hang in there and stay strong!

God Bless,


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Praying that your mom bounces back from this. That is a surprising change to go from shopping one week to not so good the next :( .

Congrats on the exhibit. You've certainly put alot of work into it -- very exciting to have that kind of public viewing to your heartfelt work!

Keep us posted on mom, OK?


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Congrats on the exhibit.

Follow Dad's advice and see Mom - don't follow Dad's advice and take your son. If you are going to make your peace, take your boy. I took my toddler to say goodbye to my grandfather - he had been waiting to see the boy and he died the next day. Take your son so if it IS the end and not just a bump in the journey, he has the chance to say good bye, too.

Hoping for more sunshine and joy for you.


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Oh, I am so sorry for this sudden change of events! I pray it is just a setback, and not a permanent state. At any rate, follow your heart about going to see Mom.

The exhibit IS good news! I hope you are able to celebrate that success in the midst of all this. Life sure throws us curveballs, doesn't it?

Please keep us informed.

:) Kelly

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Hey Everyone-

Thank You All SOOOO Much for the good thoughts, prayers and support...I went to se mom on Sunday. I took my son. She was 'all smiles' for Josh(my son)I sent my dad and him to go look at a couple of cars we saw on the way over and that is when her smile came down and she started talking.

One moment about her and my father looking at retirement homes....the next about the suit she has picked out for her funeral. Dealing with your own mortality must be really tough..i have no idea how she must be feeling right now.

She told me that she was aware that she was dying.that she was waiting on a sign from God, that she was not ready to give up yet but that it just hurt soooo bad all over all the time and she was so tired of feeling tired. I told her the doctor could prescribe meds for pain-she said she did not want to 'trip thru her time left' in a drug haze but feel everything she could as long as she could. She is having incredible awful nightmares, i told her they could give her something for sleep and anxiety..we packed so much talk in 30 minutes...then, as soon as my dad and son got back she put on the smiles again.

I went today and spent the day with her. She said she felt better but she has a hard time getting off the sofa...helped me from the couch cook some dressing and stuff for turkey day.

today, she says if the tumors are shrunk then she will 'think' about keeping up the chemo. I told her I respected either decision.

Anyway, hug your loved ones extra tight and know that I am saying prayers for all of you and sending you blessings!



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Melissa, what a loving time you've had with Mom.

God bless you both.

I will say a prayer of thanksgiving for this post. I;m thankful you are having these times.

I'm sorry mom is in pain, but she's so brave about it...I wouldn't mind bottling some of that spirit for myself.

You're very fortunate to have such a wonderful Mom.

Take care,


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Hi Melissa,

I am so glad you are there for your mom. How fortunate that she has you by her side.

She is a very brave lady with a truly wonderful spirit. I could see how proud you are of her. She has a fantastic attitude.

I pray the chemo is working and for her to get more treatment. Miracles happen all the time. Let's pray for one for her.

Have a wonderful, memeorable Thanksgiving.

Maryanne :wink:

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  • 2 weeks later...

This may just be one continuous post about 'SURPRISES' :)

Mom is really earning the name 'the comeback kid'

My mom is feeling better...she had enough energy to do 5 loads of laundry yesterday. Not bad for a gal that could not get off the couch a few days ago.

She saw the doc and was supposed to have chemo this week but they decided to hold off another three weeks to let her body recover. Her blood counts are fine so no worries there...brain scan next week as scheduled.

Her doctor is so great-he told her that he saw nothing to really 'worry' about that she had been on chemo every three weeks since May and that this would make anyone tired and weak..this simple statement changed her whole attitude.

I talked to her this morning and she said, 'you know cancer is probably going to win eventually but i think i still have some fight in me left'

I am not sure i could be so strong...i have to say that the strngth of the human spirit just amazes me soooo much!

Thanks for all the great thoughts everyone!



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Your mother's story never ceases to just amaze me. I am in total awe of her! I am overjoyed she has been feeling better (not sure I would choose to do 5 loads of laundry, however :lol: )and living life.

For some reason your last post just brought tears to my eyes. I am so hopeful for all of you that Mom's 60th birthday will be a memorable one and that the holidays are special for your entire family.


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Hi Melissa,

First of all I did not congratulate you on your art exhibit. Congratulations that was wonderful news.

Now you received wonderful news again. The best kind, you mom is doing so much better and that fight is back in her.

It certainly is a roller coaster ride. That is way we should NEVER GIVE UP!! Things change from day to day.

Keep us posted and I will continue to keep your mom in my prayers.

Maryanne :wink:

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