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Looking for a book...


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Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't been around for some time. Looking through the forum, it's so good to see that so many of you still post. :)

Right now, my husband has a niece (she's 24) that was diagnosed six months ago with brain cancer. I know it's not the same, but the emotions and questions are.

Does anyone know of a good Christian book about cancer and God?

Please let me know if you have read something that meant a lot to you...

I've found a few at the christianbooks website, but I'd like to know of one that someone read and liked.

Thanks so much and many blessings to all of you...


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BArnes & Noble has the books, by Lynn Eib. THE one I am reading is called Finding the Light in Cancers Shadow. The second book she has out is called God And Cancer. She is a Survivor, Oncology Nurse, and a prayer support group leader. I found this recently, not sure why though. The books are in the inspirational section of Barnes & Noble.

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