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Separated from my wife in August 2001, named Quality Employee of the Month where I work August 2001, divorced after 26 years of marriage in January 2002, suffered from depression after my divorce, found out I had a spot on my lung in May 2002, started drinking kinda heavy, got my first traffic ticket in my life on my 50th birthday in November 2002 (it was a DUI), quit drinking totally and dedicated my life to Jesus Christ on December 8, 2002, biopsy confirmed cancer on January 15, 2003, upper lobe of right lung removed on January 28, 2003, singing in church choir 7 days later, returned to work March 28, 2003, warned of behavior deficiencies I had on first day back to work, told I was working at different job than when I left for surgery so they could evaluate my performance, lied about my whereabouts by co-workers, tried to defend myself and accused of being argumentative, reported to my supervisor by my team lead, told HR I was scared for my job because of the way I was being treated, they thought I was imagining it, bullied in closed door meetings by my supervisor when I told him I was scared for my job due to being an insurance liability, first CT scan after my operation showed another spot in April, more depression, more worries, lied to by my supervisor, tried to report my supervisor to his supervisor for lying and harrassment, but she lied to me too, and I was suspended and put on probation for not being able to get along with others, my performance improvement was to be evaluated by the supervisor that I reported for lying to me (that's funny, right?), needless to say, my performance didn't improve, reported a superior co-worker being belligerant towards me to my team lead and supervisor, but they never answered my call or returned my voicemail message, placed on another 30 days probation for upsetting the guy that got belligerant with me... haha...brought to tears in my final meeting arguing with my supervisor again after he said my e-mails were too long, even though they were technically correct, asked me if I thought that e-mail was the correct vehicle to use to tell 6 different people at 4 different locations the same thing, at the same time, and me like a dummy said, yes, upset me when he told me he didn't have to look at my technical solution to a problem, because he was a manager and it wasn't his job to look at technical solutions, even though it was his solution that he came up with that I thought mine might do a better job and cost the company less money, fired from my job because I told a co-worker that I was glad I was a Christian or I could have killed my supervisor for the way he's treated me since I've been back to work. They said it was a threat. I only said they were lucky it was me they were doing this to, because anyone else would have gone postal, I only prayed. Well, fired on July 25. Denied unemployment compensation in August. I have about 1 month left then I will be broke. Pretty funny, huh? Wait, here's the punch line. When I try to get some of my personal belongings back from my employer and try to explain that I'm scared, can't sleep, and don't feel like living anymore, they ask me why I can't just let it drop and move on. Can you believe that? They are a riot! If you'd like more details, just let me know. This is a true story! Oh, my last CT scan came back good though, so there's good news, I guess. My oncologist wondered what happened to me though because I had been the model patient and so positive last time he saw me. Isn't it amazing what support from your co-workers can do?

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All of that read very sad, the most hopeful part of it was that you shared it with us. Welcome , you really are among friends and we understand what emotional turmoil you have been going through. Donna G

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