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Anyone had this combo?


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Welcome and you will get many more responses soon. that is a somewhat popular combo with good success. My late wife had Carbo/Tax but w/o Avastin because of timeline. She had good luck with those two for a while.

The upside if you do not know is that Adeno is most common and most researched Lung Canccer out there. Lots of options available depending on Stage of LC.

Prayers for you and Family from under the Carolina Skies tonite.

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Hi. I'm responding because your signature sounds a lot like what mine will read when I get it written. My mom was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma last month, there is lymph node involvement and the doctor is unsure of the primary. She made it through her first round of chemo two weeks ago: Carbo/Taxol/avastin. I don't know about Taxotere. Maybe I should find out,because my mom had an allergic reaction to the Taxol during administration. They waited an hour and tried again and no reaction. Other than that, she didn't experience a lot of side effects, mostly hightened anxiety and pulse, possibly due to the anti-nausea medication. She's feeling good now. Hope it goes well for your dad.


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Hi needhope,

My dad has a very similar diagnoses as what you describe your father having. My dad is on Taxol/Carbo/Avastin. Our oncologist is giving him very high doses every three weeks. He received his first chemo three days ago. So far he hasn't had too many side effects. It is early in, so there is no telling what he will experience here in the next few weeks. From my research, I have gathered that this combo is very common for treating adenocarcinoma. I haven't heard much about Taxotere, but from very brief reading I understand it is similar to Taxol. Here is the wiki for it:


I wish your father the best of luck. Keep in touch.

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