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Celebrating 40/15


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Well, I'm off again for another vacation that was planned prediagnosis. This year Charlie and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on September 21, and I will be celebrting my 40th birthday next month, so we planned a week long trip to St. Maarten back in February. Little did we know what life had in store for us. We almost cancelled our trip. Quite frankly, I didn't believe then that I would be here at this time this year.

For eight months our life has been about cancer and the kids. We've worked so hard to try and protect and comfort them, and they're okay. Now it's time to work on us. I am very sad to be leaving them for a week, especially over Thanksgiving, I almost can't bear it. But I know it will be really good for us to have some time for just the two of us.

So, I'll be gone until Nov. 29. A whole week of sitting on the beach, sipping rum punch, enjoying french cuisine and sleeping late! I'll send up a toast and a prayer for everyone here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. See you in a week.


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Tracy, have a leisurely and romantic trip. Only thoughts of the beach and the food and drink.

Earl and I honeymooned there. Our big laugh was that I drink rum and tonic with LIME. Always got lemon, not lime. We joked that every windowsill had limes waiting for them to ripen into lemons. Let me know if that is still the case.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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