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The Mediteranean Way of Being


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Well, I was at my doctor's (again) yesterday...trying to deal with all the physical repercussions I've had due to dealing with so much stress and loss over the last 2 years. She Rx'd for me to follow the Mediteranean diet of all things -- what's that?, I said. Go get the book for $5 at your local bookstore, she said. So I hit the internet as soon as I got home out of immense curiousity since it won't be until Friday before I can get to a local bookstore. Basically, it's all about natural eating (forget low-fat, forget low-carb....balance, balance, balance)....but much, much more. A much more relaxed and healing lifestyle -- all about enjoyment of everyday in so many ways (not just food; your very environment)....and boy, does this idea just soooooo fit what I've been trying to do, big time. She also wanted me to exercise accordingly and lose weight....well, she doesn't know me that well on diet and exercise I already do (my life actually involves doing more than she Rx'd :!: ): I think she thinks I must sit on my rear all day, eat eggs and bacon every day, and visit fast food joints often from my weight gain since all this stress hit and that's just not true at all. Oh well, I'll do what I have to on my own there.....

Nonetheless, I think she has recommended something with really great potential. And get this, things that count as exercise on that program is simple walking, housecleaning, and lots of lovemaking of all things --....looking like a real enticing way of life to me that I haven't done in awhile :oops::D:oops: .

Anyway, I know this is an early post from what I know so far, but for all of us that are hurting so bad now and just need a new way of life so we can heal......might be worth checking out.


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