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PET/CAT results for Tony - 11/29 UPDATE


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Tarceva didn't work at all. Phone call from Onc's. office -- haven't read report myself.

Eight lung tumors are still there and stronger uptake levels. Many more tumors in both lungs and new areas of cancer on left shoulder blade and right hip. Never has left lungs before so this is new territory. Thinking this is not a good sign.

Hardly know what to think right now. Numb.

Hardest part was having to tell our children and trying to sound strong and upbeat.


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I know this isn't what you wanted to hear! I hate test results! We're going to find out my husbands' brain MRI results tomorrow......

I know you're strong, even though you may not feel like it now, I agree w/ Katie.... , take the holiday off and then after get back to the new game plan......

I'm praying for you all....


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Sorry to hear that the Tarceva is not working. Have they thought of combining the Tarceva with other drugs? It sometimes seems to work better. I had Carboplatin and Taxol with the Tarceva. Now I see Tarceva and Avastin being given in combination. I'll pray that the doctors will come up with a treatment that will work.

Stay positive, :lol:


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