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My Grandmother is gone..


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I am not sure how to even post this. My grandmother suffered a massive coronary early Monday morning and passed away in the hospital just before 4:30am. This was not cancer related and as a matter of fact, it was very much unexpected and such a shock. She had been with us last month at the going away party we had for my son, who left last week for Basic Training in Missouri.

I feel like things are just completely spiraling out of control. My grandmother was a very tough lady and so strong. She had been in a wheelchair for the past year and a half after having fallen and broken her thigh bone. After repeated attempts to replace the bone with a metal rod, it was determined that her body would never stop rejecting the foreign object. She lived the remainder of her life with virtually no bone in her left thigh but it never even began to slow her down.

Tomorrow we will have her funeral and say our good byes. And it hurts so much.

Thank you for letting me share this.


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I'm sorry to read this ... grandparents are such wonderful people for all of us. No matter the reason or cause ......... it all hurts and is a loss of someone gigantic in your life. Your grandmother obviously was a strong woman to endure the discribed obsticals ..... great job done by her.

Take care.......


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Thank you all so very much for your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Losing someone is never easy, especially at this time of year, but with the love and support of so many wonderful people it is just a bit easier.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday, I had all of the LCSC family in my prayers,


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