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Dad is having surgery tomorrow!!

Guest DianeP

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Hello everyone!!

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my father. We did have a 2nd opinion with a different surgeon located at University of Michigan. He has surgery scheduled for tomorrow for a possible sleeve resection or removal of his right lung. Surgery will proceed as long as the N2 nodes are free of cancer (we hope!!)

Thanks everyone for your support and your consideration. This board is truly a blessing. I'll give an update once I have one.

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Thanks everyone for your prayers!!!

Surgery went well, they were able to save the 2 lobes on his right lung and had only lost one lobe!!! Without a second opinion the other surgeon was going to remove the whole thing.

Sorry I haven't posted sooner, I've been staying at the hotel at the hospital and didn't have an internet connection.

He had one complication though, yesterday they removed suction and his right lung collapsed. They put him in ICU and did NT suction to remove a mucous plug that was causing the collapse. They are leaving him in ICU for another day, but he looks great.

I feel so fortunate for U of M hospital and their thoracic surgery team, I have never met a group of doctors and staff so on top of their game. Thank you for the great info I received from all of you on the importance of a second opinion and this hospital. My dad has thanked me everyday for pushing him for going there, if it wasn't for them - he'd only have one lung. So if anyone is in Michigan looking for a thoracic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Chang is the man!!!! :wink:

I will post an update soon, but I'm heading back out to the hospital.

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