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Going To See My Sister


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Thank you all so very much for your kind thoughts and words of encouragement. I never realilzed how important this board would be to me. You are the best!!

My brother (who lives in FL) and I are heading to Colorado Dec. 1st to visit our sister. This will be the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. However, I'm taking along all of your words of wisdom, a box of tissues, and a birthday present for my wonderful sister who will be 58 on December 4.

Please keep me in your prayers, as you all are in mine. Sis

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Tears and all it will be a wonderful visit to have .... you've been guessing at alot. And now you can get some first hand observations and answers you seek. Not to mention give her an emotional boost and mental break from so many days of living around cancer. Don't forget to take a list of the "old days" and "remember when's". With the tears you may forget to laugh alittle with each other.

Have a great trip ........ it's just 8 sleeps away! hehehe!


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