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Still Think of All of You...


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Hi Guys!

I know it's been a while since I poked my head in.

I'm deeply saddened to see that Don and Carleen have both lost their loved ones - my hearts go out to you, and sorry I wasn't around sooner to help comfort you.

To all - Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may God watch over you,

Hugs and prayers,


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SANDY! Hey, girlfriend! Miss seeing your face and hearing Princess updates - how IS that girl?

Good to see you pop up, would love to hear some stories of the wonderful things you were doing to keep you away for so darn long...bungee jumping in New Zealand, walking the Great Wall, floating down a canal in Venice...single-handedly kicking the butt of a pick pocket gang in Chicago...


(Welcome back)


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Sorry Snowflake - nothing that exciting! Just work, family and "life"!

Mom went into a nursing home in June due to advancing Parkinson's issues, so my clan (boyfriend and my youngest, 17, daughter) ended up moving into HER house (the house I grew up in - and came to live in while I was going thru my treatments four years ago - ick!), so we wouldn't have to sell it.

It wasn't an emotionally easy move though. When I moved OUT of here years ago, it was my official "I'm actually going to live and can sign a year long lease" moment. My daughter wasn't too happy either. But we've done everything we can, decorating-wise to make it feel like OURs - and not the place we spent such a tough time in. My daughter practically has her own apartment in the basesment, where WE were - I've maybe been down there three times since June. Just gives me the willies!

So between all THAT, mom's problems, work (insanely busy, but I love it) - oh, and Princess and the beau, I hardly have time to even sign on!

Still having twice a year checkups with my onc - just saw him in October and have orders for a CT and mamogram that I still have to schedule.

I'll try to stop in more often!


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Sandy, it is terrific to see you and am very glad that your life is too busy to be caught up here - that is good news. But, to make you feel guilty (it's my mom thing) you are part of our family and we love when you stay in touch.

Sorry about your Mom, it is always a tough decision. Glad the beau is still around.

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Hi Sandy,

I was so happy to see your face on your avitar. It has been so long and I am so glad you are doing fine.

Seems like yesterday when you first met your boyfriend we were all so excited for you. I am so glad you are both still together. :mrgreen:

Good luck and I hope you stop back soon. You were missed here.

Maryanne :wink:

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