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Dad gets scanned on Tues.....(dad and surrogate updates)


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We are all getting nervous of course. It still seems unreal that he has LC. I honestly don't think it has hit us yet, the reality of it. We see the oncologist at 4:30 on Tues.

And then Wed morning my surrogate has another ultrasound to see about the bambinos. According to the doctor, this one will tell a lot. It is still so early though.

So in the interim, I need to be occupied :) I am finally having some family out to see our new house (well 1 year old now) on Sat and I need cookbook orders to pack. I have no new orders and lots of boxes in my garage. :shock:

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts!

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I sort of feel guilty for all the good fortune and blessings we are having......my dad is in remission, NED is here and I am begging him never to leave us!

THe oncologist loved the cookbook too and is ordering 50-100 to sell or give as gifts, so I was excited about that too :)

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Andrea this is wonderful news. I know you are happy. You should change your profile to include your dad. I want to be sure and keep up with both of your parents and you.

How many bambinos are in the surogate presure cooker? Have you found out? That is exciting as well.

Thinking of all of you,


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