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that was so flippin hard


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I am so glad the day is done. My feet hurt, my eyes hurt, my heart hurts. There were 10 seats at my table instead of 11 and I had a hundred questions today that I just had to figure out myself. Every step felt like it took all my energy. By the time we sat down to eat I wasn't hungry.

We should have just planned a trip for this year. Surely one Thanksgiving away would have been okay?!

I just wanted to hear her whisper at the end of the day "you did a good Job" and I could hug her and kiss her and tell her how much I love her.

I just want her back.

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I just wanted to hear her whisper at the end of the day "you did a good Job"

If you felt you wanted to hear that, I think Mom was making you "feel" that, that she did watch and think you did a good job.

I decided the day was fine. But it was not a happy day. It wasn't meant to be happy this year, but we did it. Our mother's are happy with all of us.

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I agree, it would have been nice to just go away...I fought not to have our T'giving at my parents' house..and lost. My sisters were adamant. It was so hard. My dad drank too much wine and was pretty perky until it was time to say Grace...he started crying and asked God to keep Mom warm this winter and other morbidly sad things.

Thinking of you today, of everyone here that lost someone to this terrible and merciless disease.

You did what your mom would have wanted and got through it...

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