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New York Teens Needed


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casting - for anti-smoking tv commercial geared toward teens

Need real people ( in or near new york city) with lung cancer ( or have had it in the past) to appear on commercial. Or any teen who has lost a parent to lung cancer.

If chosen to appear, payment is $500 for one days work.

Help us spread the word!!

Please call me asap 212-531-2272

Thank you


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Just wanted to say that, although I'm not available (from Ireland) I think this is a wonderful idea. I don't know what type of advertising is done in the States but there are some fantastic advertisements on UK television at present which hit a number of "markets".

- There are about 5 advertisements directly targeted towards younger teenagers ("it's c 8)8) l not to smoke")

- There are teenagers holding photographs of a recently deceased parent being interviewed (real guilt trip for any parent to quit smoking :cry: ).

- Then there are are the really GRAPHIC ads which follow smoke from the mouth directly into the lung (awful but effective) and shows the damage each puff makes. :shock::shock:

- My favourite is a surgeon cutting a heart in half that belonged to a smoker...... :!:

However, the best campaign I think is the "Don't Give Up Giving Up" :D:D:arrow:

I'd be interested in hearing what you have in the States. I have lost my father to lung cancer (smoking was a factor) and now my young brother has it too. I KNOW smoking is not the cause but it definitely is a factor

Praying for you all so much,


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I have only posted the message about the commercial. Any and all questions will have to be directed at the phone number in the post. I have only cut and pasted the information from a comment email I received from the board.

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