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Gamma questions


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They've moved up the timeline for my Mom, and she is now meeting with the neurosurgeon tomorrow, the radiation oncologist on Friday, and is scheduled to do gamma knife on the 7th (She has to be there at 5:00 am...ew!).

She is 'worried' because they seem to be suddenly moving very quickly--in full ASAP fashion. I'm just glad they are moving forward.

Anyone have any experience with Gamma Knife? As I said, Mom is getting nervous, but she trusts what I learn from y'all. :) Anything would be helpful.


:) Kelly

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My mom was not a candidate for Gamma Knife as she had multiple brain mets.

So I would think you mom's is less than that, which I would think less is good.

When I was researching, it seemed as though GZamma knife had less side effects and less colateral damage.

As far as the ASAP thing, I think the general feeling on this is the earlier the treatment, the better the results??

Again, not medical, and you are certainly entitled to ask the dr all these things, it's just what I recall about it.

I'll pray it goes well.

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Sounds ProActive to me. That is good to be a lot of the time. We have many good stories about gamma and Cyber knife here. I can not add anything personally but Can say prayers and tell you, that you will get more good responses about this treatment program.

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Moving fast is good. Radiation oncologist usually proceeds at a faster pace than Chemo Oncs..

Look at it this way, if they didn't think it would help they'd move at a crawl or not at all.

Gamma knife has been around awhile and is a proven intervention.

Your Mom is in my prayers.

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Am having my fourth brain tumor radiated Friday. Neuro said if they zap it while small maybe there will be less edema and necrosis. Know God's mighty hand is on all of us. Thankful for quick action instead of feet dragging like in Canada. We are very blessed. Praying for your mom. pammie

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Sending prayers for your mom. Please keep us posted. She shouldn't have any pain from the treatment..

It is good they are treating her as soon as possible. Look at it this way, she is a candidate for this treatment. The effectiveness for this procedure is 100% effective 80% to 90% of the time. I was told this by 4 radiation oncs.for Gamma and Cyberknife. Great odds I would say...The sooner done, the healing begins.


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