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Hello everyone. I am a Lung Cancer survivor! I was diagnosed with stage IIIB non-small cell in Feb 2004. The tumor was rather small but was hiding a second one so the stage was worse than originally expected. Probably like many others, I had no symptoms and it was discovered truly by accident. I had surgery and chemo. and was cancer free until Oct. 2005 when a brain tumor was discovered. Surgery again and Gammaknife radiation this time. I have been cancer free since then.

I'm 56 and NEVER smoked.

I thought I would like to help others if I can, it's difficult to talk to your own family and friends sometimes. I would also like to have others to talk to.

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Hello Becky and welcome.

CONGRATULATIONS on the cancer free status! You will be such an inspiration to others on this site.

Please have a look around the other forums and get to know us and let us get to know you. I am sure you will find this a wonderful source of support and there is always someone here to listen.

My best to you,


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Welcome Becky. There are many of us here who are survivors. Glad you have found us so that we can all share this road we found ourselves going down. If you would fill out your profile it will help when you are posting. No need to tell the entire story each time. How often are you scanned? It has been a year since my last total CT/PET scan but I have had an abdominal CT, MRA of the abdomen, sinus CT and several xrays since then. I would feel alot better if I had one more full body CT/PET and brain MRI.

Did you have symptoms of the brain tumor?

Welcome to our group.


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Hi Becky and congratulations on being Cancer free! That's the best news of all! I too am a Lung Cancer Survivor of 11+ years. My wishes for you are that you will also be a long term LC Survivor. :wink:

We have a Lung Cancer Survivor Fourm here at LSCS that you might want to look over and see if that Forum works for you which ables you to talk to other LC Survivors as well. But you will notice that we all bounce all over the board from forum to forum.

We have many lung cancer survivors here at LCSC.

Welcome, and I hope you'll stay around and offer hope and support to others in the same boat. I have offered support to LC Survivors for over 9 years and it's very comforting for me to know I can offer HOPE to others.

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Hi Becky

You are definetely welcome here. We need members like you who is a survivor and doing so well that you want to support other people. That is what we are all about, being here to answer questions, give support or prayers if needed.

You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for joining our family. Your story will certainly help ao many of our newly diagnoised members or caretakers.

A BIG congrats on you being C free. :mrgreen:

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Becky. Welcome. In just 2 days I will be celebrating 9 years of survival since I was diagnosed! Yes, I agree , there are things we need to talk about that are easier understood by someone who has walked the walk.

Donna G

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