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Back in the ER again.


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Well, I got through my daughter's wedding, Thanksgiving and a family birthday party and then Emergency Room when I became dehydrated.

Yesterday, I had an MRI of my brain done because I have been getting headaches and they don't know why I keep getting dehydrated. I've been drinking (water) and really taking care of myself.

If this doesn't show anything (hopefully) next stop will be a gastroenterologist (sp??).

Hope to hear from my doc in the next day or so on the MRI.

I know I shouldn't jump ahead, but I can't help myself. If it does show something in my brain, what is the best route to go with that? Radiation or Cyber stuff?

Thanks all.


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You are right, Joan, don't jump ahead yet. I'm not sure I ever heard dehydration being connected to brain issues, but then again, I don't know much! I know you are vigilant taking care of yourself, so there must be some OTHER underlying reason here.

Easier said than done to not worry, I know. So how about if you just let me worry for you. I've got nothing much to do here anyway. That way you can just concentrate on what needs to be done!



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Joanie, you said that you are drinking water, but do you drink any carbohydrate/electrolyte-containing drinks, like gatorade, or other drinks with sodium? The reason I ask is because my mom was having dehydration problems after she was first diagnosed which were somehow related to her sugar level (which skyrocketed before she had surgery to remove her tumor) and her sodium levels. In general, I think when any of your electrolyte levels are off - you can experience dehydration. I'm not a doctor at all but wanted to give you something else to possibly discuss with your doctor.

Praying for you too!!

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Hi Joanie,

Okay girl, lets not jump to conclusions here. Let's wait and see what the MRI shows. Then if and I say if there is something there, you will gets lots of opinions about your question.

Meanwhile, keep fingers crossed and prayers sent out for positive (in a good way) results.

Hang in there, honey.

Maryanne :wink:

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