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post surgery one brain met and worried about recurrence


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I would try to do as much research as possible and get a few opinions from Drs. Being in NYC you have access to some of the best cancer centers

BTW I have no idea if you should be afraid or not. two years seems to be pretty good without a recurrence. Personally I would just try to get as much info as possible. There are other drugs in clinical trials besides wbr and chemo

Take care

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Thanks for your postings. Is there anyone out there who has NOT had chemo after lobectomy. I know two years was good without recurrence, but in fact it did recur. I have been told that chemo is useless for brain mets. Anyone in the same situation, and anyone who is still working and doesn't want to lose cognitive function?

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I have had Radio surgery for brain mets on two occaisions. The first was Jul 2005 and the second was Jul 2006. With the second surgery, I did experience some edema, causing headaches. A low dose of decadrin managed that easily. I was also told edema is part of the fix - and radiation effect continues for like two years.

Now I am again showing new mets with no symptoms. They have suggested WBR, which I am opposed to unless there is no other alternative. The radio surgery is nothing, no pain, up and about immediately and all the procedure takes is abot 45 minutes.

If my next MRI shows an increase in brain mets, we may look at chemo. Most chemo agents do not cross the blood/brain barrier - but there are some that do. And there may be some trials. My doctors are looking at this as my second choice. Like you, I see no reason to have any degradation of my nuerocognitive function untill all options are explored and/or symptoms warrant action.

I am feeling well, work and do all that I would without being sick - so change is not something I'm anxious for.

When I have further discussions with my onc/nuro/radiation docs, I will let you know what they may be suggesting by way of chemo. In the meantime, I would tell them to schedule for an MRI every three months to see if there is any reason for

action. You may not develop new lesions for another year. And if the number is a few at a time Radio Surgery should be quite adaquate. (or Gamma Knife, or Cyber knife - all targeted radiation approaches).

Good luck.


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