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Blood in Stool


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Hello Everyone,

My dad discovered blood in his stool this morning. He called the onc who wasn't in his office and spoke to the nurse who said to monitor it and if the problem continues they will bring him in for a check-up. Later on today he said that everything looked okay. Has anyone else experienced this or know someone who has?


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Hemorrhoids can be the cause *bright red* blood

Even some of the foods we eat may turn our stool *reddish*

*Blackish* stool may be caused by foods we eat or medication or is an indication of bleeding higher up in the colon.

Sometimes diarrhea can be mixed with blood or be blood streaked and may indicate some sort of an inflammation.

Your dad did right in calling the doc and agree with the nurse who said to keep an eye on things.

I would be sure to have him mention this to his onc or primary care physician...I read in your profile that they are not sure of the primary site of your dad's cancer, so it makes it even more important to keep a close eye on this and make sure the blood is not related or a symptom of anything to do with the colon or stomach.

Hope this helps and tell him not to hesitate to call back his doc if he is worried or has anymore questions.



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Well I spoke to my dad later this evening. The problem reappeared this morning but wasn't present throughout the rest of the day. He did have an increase in blood pressure and heart pulse so he has been taking it easy most of the day. He's going to call his onc tomorrow.

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I have also dealt with rectal bleeding. I had a colonoscopy about a year ago and was diagnosed with minor colitus. I have to wonder if it's not Tarceva that's causing it. However, I would definately talk to the doc. The colonoscopy was a fairly simple procedure.

Hope this helps!! GOD BLESS!!


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