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Mom's Tumor Shrunk 75% After 2 Cycles


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Hi I posted this on Small Cell and then saw this area so I will repeat the great news. My Mom's mass has shrunk about 75% after 2 cycles. It went from 9x8 Cm to 2x1 Cm. They upped her dosage the additional 20% that they took away from last month because her white counts were so low. It's really amazing how effective chemo is with small cell. If only it never came back it would be a miracle drug...One Day At A Time....

Happy Holidays to Everyone.


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Three cheers for shrinkage! Prayers for continued success in fighting this ugly %^&*$

Your puppy is adorable..we had a St. Bernard when I was a kid and he was just the best. He and our siamese cat slept together. Actually the cat slept in the crook of his gigantic paw, LOL.


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Thanks everyone...Yes she is really doing well with all of this. It makes me very sad to think she is getting better only for it to probably all happen again down the road( I know one day @ a time). It's like it teases you and gives you your life back....but for how long??

So sad this new world of cancer....

Sometimes I try to remember what life was like

before all of this and it's hard to remember and it's only been a few months.

Take Care Everyone


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