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Shocking News About Lung Cancer (water)

Connie B

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I was watching our local News station last night and they were telling a story about a problem that has been going on for over 20 years on Lake Superior at a Taconite Plant in Duluth that has been using the Great Lakes for there dumping grounds regarding all the Taconite they had/have been dumping into the Great Lakes. :shock::shock:

In the Taconite there are asbestos molacules that cause lung cancer and other cancers in the Great Lakes water and this water in turn is being recycled back to OUR DRINKING WATER.

So, when they say, "it must be the water", it very well could be!!! :roll::shock:

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...except Asbestosis/Mesothelioma is caused by friable asbestos - particles knocked loose and then inhaled as a dust.

Surely, there are other carcinogens in the water, and in the air, but unless everyone at the receiving end or on the block has the same type/s of cancer, it is NOT a given that the water or environment is the cause.

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Sorry Snowflake that our local News didn't offer more detail about the Segment they had on last night for 120 seconds. But the News Story wasn't just talking about cancer/lung cancer issues and all the causes of it. They were just pointing out that this could be ONE of MANY causes of cancer/lung cancer regarding what this Taconite Plant has been dumping into the water for many years and the dangers of it.

I think most of us know it's more then ONE carcinogen that causes lung cancer, but this story was just ONE of many stories that point out little things that ADD to cancers and/or lung cancer.

Obviously I wasn't clear on my second hand reporting skills. Didn't mean to confuse anyone or lead anyone a stray regarding this little News Segment on our local news.

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I have heard that too Barb. My hubby and I were watching Ophra a few weeks back and she had something on about water treatment plants and how they recycle waste back into our drinking water. :shock: It was one of her shows that allowed people to ask questions you would never ask normally. :shock::roll:

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There are many carcinogens that can cause cancer. I had switched to bottled water, Mountain valley water because it was one that is alkaline instead of acidic. Then I found out that you would get more chlorine in you by taking a shower in treated water than if you drank the tap water all day long. Being the nut that I am I had a system put in that removes all contaminants from the water for the entire house and still drink bottled water. Does it do any good? Who knows but I feel better, besides I will probably save the cost of installation over the next thousand years by using less soap to wash clothes. You see I am thrifty too.

Stay positive, :lol:


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