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Godfrey's Vat's biopsy "NEGATIVE"

Tracey Huguley

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Godfrey does not have cancer. What a relief...yet what a nightmare....

We we're given the stage IV nsclc dx almost 3 months ago...and now no cancer....I guess....NED.....

Thanks for all your wonderful support, prayers, advice, etc....

I could not have done this without you...

I will stay and support others that come this way....

Hopefully our story will encourage others to get 2cd and 3rd opinions...

He does have lung disease but we won't know what it is and whether or not it is treatable for 2 more weeks...

Thank your from the bottom of our hearts....and I will keep all of you in our prayers....


Tracey Huguley :lol:

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Hi Tracey,

I wish I could have witnessed your faces when you received that wonderful news!

What upsets me is it took a 3rd opinion over the 2 others to find out it was not LC and on top of that you were told it was stage IV. My Lord how scarey is that? He would have gone through chemo for no reason :shock:

I am sure whatever they diagnoise will be treatable. Please keep us posted on the findings.

Tracey bless you both, and have a wonderful holiday!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Oh. Okay Tracey.

I have been following closely Godfrey's saga.

I have been at this site for quite some time now. Even though Godfrey has no lc, I have been here long enough to know that the emotions that come with a lc dx are pretty much the same as dealing with Godfrey's unknown illness.

We are still all here for you. I know that this is still tough on you. You are now left in Limbo dealing with a beast that has no name or face. In my world, that is just as frightening as dealing with lc.

Did I mention we are still here for you?

Let us know how you are both doing. Is there anything that we can do to help?

You will let us know what tests he has had and the results?

Hang in there, Tracey.. You have had an awful lot on that plate of yours.

Cindi o'h

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