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Question about using a mushroom complex & probiotics


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Hi everyone,

I've got the okay from Bill's onc to use some supplements. I've read that a lot of people use probiotics. I'm not sure exactly what they are -- is there a specific brand name to look for? Or a specific type anyone particularly recommends?

Also, I've read about people using a mushroom complex to aid in the production of white blood cells. Same question -- is it a particular complex I should look for?

I'm planning to take a trip to a health food store tomorrow where the people actually know what they're talking about. I'm sure I can get some info there, but thought I'd check with all of you experts here first! :lol:

Thanks in advance. I'll post this in the nutrition section too.

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Hi Teri, I take probiotics for my ulcerative colitis. They are basically the "good bacteria" that live in your digestive tract. The same stuff that is in yogurt. I would recommend a brand that needs to be refrigerated. They are the most potent ones.

But do talk to the oncologist before trying anything. In my Mom's case, her onc. wanted her to go off any of the naturpathic stuff during treatment and before surgery because they didn't know how it would affect treatment.


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I take a probiotic called acidophyllis which is normally found in yogurt. I take it because I take antibiotics regularly for my Iressa rash. It does not interfere with the Iressa but I have not heard of a benefit with cancer treatment. I have heard many things about mushrooms. While some are good, others are to be absolutely avoided during chemo. Please try a search on the alternative forum. Some can cause infections, fungal or bacterial so you don't want to mess around.

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Hi Teri,

We have a member on here Ernie (Ernol) who is an avocate of AHCC. The links above is about the mushroom and the link below that is from Sloan Kettering Cancer Center who also talks about it.

Hope this helps,

Maryanne :wink:

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