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I started my course to get my CNA/CHHA!!


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I haven't been around much, but thinking of you and praying you daily!

I'm enrolled in a course to get my CNA, as well as the Certified Home Health Aide! I'm excited, but so nervous!! I'm getting information overload!!

It's a two week course, with one week behind me. Which is really good, because it'll all be fresh in my mind when I test! Next week we'll be at the nursing home training, then on that friday, we have our test! Please pray for me, that I pass it!! I've done the work before in a hospital, buts it been almost nine years. Although, it is all coming back to me of course. The thing is, you have to do so many steps, in order!! Like, the opening in to a pt's room, id the pt, tell them what you're doing and who you are, then the little things, like putting a towel over their chest before you brush their teeth, putting a towel in the sink before you brush their dentures, so many others. :shock: I have to learn all the range of motion moves, all the steps to a bed bath....

What's going to be crazy is that we test with a class mate as our pt. I can just see myself cracking up at some point with some of the stuff I have to say! (like what I'm washing...)

But, I'm going to love the work, I do hope to go in to Home Health. :)

Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts!! :D

God bless you All,


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I haven't been on much either but am thrilled to hear that you went ahead with the course!! You know you can do it, I think you can do anything that you put your mind to (Look at the money you raised for your satellite walk!!!)

Just stay away from me with your washcloth and toothbrushes. :wink::lol:

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I passed my clinical!!! :) woohoo!! sigh of relief here!!!

Thursday is my puter test in Tulsa, could use a few more prayers!!

thank you all so much!! gotta go make up last day of school today cause we missed one for snow!! :(

and it's my birthday! lol

Will be at the nursing home all morning. :)



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