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Two questions please


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Hi my dear friends...sorry I haven't been on for a while..been thinking of you all and praying for all of us every day and night...lots of issue's at home with my son and his custody battle...but I am happy to report...My son finally won custody right on my grandson's BD....Praise God...

The two questions I have...I have been having some discomfort on and off...UNDER my ribs...both sides...not a pain but know it is there...has anyone every had this...I researched and found it could be gall bladder ...huh????...Not worried about that...just concerned about it being cancer related...You all know how that goes...any pain..you say...OH OH...sigh...

Next question...how far down does a CT of the chest go...I had one in Sept and all was OK...And another thing if you are going thru the radiation thing anyway...why not a full CT....so they could see other organs....I just don't understand all this...I KNOW some of you do..and I would really appreciate it if you would explain some things to me..thanks guys...your the best!

hugs to all..and hoping everyone is doing well or getting better...


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I had to have my gall bladder removed less than a year after my lobectomy and all the other fun stuff my diagnosis involved. For me, the pain was on the right side of my abdomen, below where the rib cage is formed and above my tummy. I felt pain when the oncologist did his exam of liver, etc., but other than that, just had some G.I. issues...until the one gall bladder attack I experienced. I NEVER want to feel pain like that again.

I had an ultrasound to check out the gall bladder and had no gall stones, but a function test pointed out that the gall bladder just plain wasn't working. My GP (she was the one that started looking for the source of the pains) sent me to an internist and his opinion was to remove it. In his opinion, were I a "normal" patient, he would have left it unless I had more issues with attacks, but since I was a cancer patient, if the gall bladder was going to really act up, it would happen during a future chemo and there would be nothing he could do for me at that time.

My surgery was laproscopic and I was shopping the day after surgery (with a bag of ice over my tummy).

I'm not sure exactly what is covered in the chest CT vs. the full abdominal scan. I haven't had a full abdominal scan for three years now, and have to say I'm not missing drinking that nasty stuff that led to some really surprising diarrhea...I HATE surprises like that.

Good luck!


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Hi Pam. Re the ct scan, maybe they are just doing a chest ct scan because you had 1a cancer, it has been 2 years since your surgery, and they are not looking for mets..they are lookig for a new primary when they do the scan. I have had 2 full body PET/CT scans in the last year and am about to have another one in 10 days. I have had cancer come back twice, so looking for mets is a good idea for me.

Don M

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Pam,I always have a ct scan with abdomen as the cancer has come back on me several times.It covers the majority of the internal organs.I also now am having occasional pet scan and mri's since the cancer is now spread to my brain.

It was always my understanding that different parts of the body require different contrast dyes to get the cancer to show up.

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Hi Pam, I am having the same problems, dull pain in the front center immediately below the rib cage. Lately it has been spreading to the right and left. Prilosec (the purple pill) is helping a little.

ARe you taking any Meds that might be causing this Pam? I swear it is the Zetia or Pravocal I'm taking for cholesterol.


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