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IP-6 & Inositol Plus Maitake & Cat's Claw supplement


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Hi everyone,

I just took a trip to our local health food store in search of mushroom extract for the purpose of restoring white blood cell counts and boosting immunity.

I talked to the sales guy about my husband's current diagnoses and what I was looking for. He showed me a couple things, but enthusiastically suggested a product called Cell Forte MAX3, which is IP-6 and Inositol, plus Maitake extract and Cat's Claw. Has anyone used this? It says to take 2 capsules a day for maintenance, but that you can take up to 16 a day if you need extra support.

I have done some web searches and it seems that IP-6 and Inositol is a hot topic of study in regards to cancer.

I guess I have a couple questions. Any idea if what I bought is as good as, better than, or worse than a standard 3 mushroom complex? (Or should we use both?). And has anyone been told anything about using this complex while receiving chemotherapy? If you've used it during chemo, how much did you take?

Our onc is fairly "old school" and it's not the type of place that offers much in the way of nutritional information (although they have other good points!). I'm fairly knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, but when we start talking supplements, I have a lot to learn and like everyone, not enough time to become an expert overnight.

Thanks for any info!

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I take Cell forte w/inositol, but my herbologist told me under no circumstances should a person who has had/have lung cancer take maitake mushroom. He does have me on reishi (ghonoderma) and cloud musroom (coriolus versicolor/PSP).

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Sorry for the late reply. I was crazy at work and didn't get to this site all week.

I honestly don't remember the research my herbologist gave me about Maitake, but I know he told me not to take it, and the reason had to do with lung cancer. When I see him again, I'll ask him for the research again.

As for taking herbs/supplements during treatment - the dr. had me on a different protocol during treatment (no antioxidants) but had me on co-q 10; astragulus; probiotics; melatonin and his own blended mushroom tea (I think with reishi, PSP, licorace root and more).

After my treatments, he added on the vitamins and antioxidants along with the chinese herbs and stuff I was already taking.

Hope that helps!

Best regards.

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I took the IP6 & Inositol along with many other supplements/antioxidants and IV Vitamin C throughout my entire treatment. I am still taking them all now. As you can see by my profile, I am currently in remission and feeling pretty good. My oncologist recommended that I not take anything other than a multivitamin. I saw a doctor that practiced complimentary/alternative medicine, and he chose the supplements that I should take and administered the IV Vitamin C. I had excellent results and almost no side effects from my chemo! Some oncologists think that antioxidants may interfere with the chemotherapy - although there is no proof that this is true. Complimentary/alternative practicioners think that the antioxidants work synergysticly with the chemo to produce better results. I feel that this was the case with my treatments. Whatever you and Bill decide to do I wish you the very best of luck.

God Bless,


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I really appreciate everyone's response. It seems every doctor has a different idea -- it's so overwhelming! Right now, Bill is just taking digestive enzymes and CoQ10, plus he has a few Boost shakes a week, and I have some meal replacement powder with extra vitamins that I put in fruit/yogurt (the good, natural kind) smoothies. I think I'll look for the IP6 & Inositol without the added mushroom, because it does seem to come up in a lot of research.

It can be difficult when you're researching on someone else's behalf (especialy when your onc is of no help in this area). If it were me, I'd be happily seeing multiple types of doctors to get as much info as possible -- that's how I do things. With Bill, the last thing he wants is to be running all over the place to doctors, because it makes him feel "sick," like the cancer has totally taken over our lives, which I understand completely too. He's happy to take supplements and try new things, but he's also putting his trust in me -- I'm a bit gun-shy after the Maitake mushroom thing. What I do know, is that I trust the info I receive from this board much more than any info I receive from a vitamin store.

Thanks so much to you all! Bill starts his 3rd cycle of chemo today.

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How did you find the herbologist and complementary medicine doctor? I'm looking for someone reputable in the Phoenix area (I know both of you are a long way from me), and was just wondering if you had any suggestions on how to go about it. I've heard good things about a Homeopath in Irvine, CA and am thinking of going to see him, but also looking for someone a little more local.



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